We are a team of three experienced, motivated young entrepreneurs with a wide range of experience in the IT and design Industry. Working together for several years, we now have a deep understanding of our goals while working on projects that excite us and at the same time try to solve a universal problem.


Tagrio is a smart solution for lost & found eco system.
Simply tag your items using specially designed Tags (including stickers, luggage tags and PVC cards) and in case you lost it, the founder can trace it back and return it to you. Tagrio service is free of charge and protected by pending patent.



Alireza Kashian  |  Director/Founder
Team leader, serial entreprenuer and software project manager for more than 15 years. Alireza co-founded several startups in the past few years including PicArtia and HidePlex and has passion towards leading new solutions to widespread problems in the world. Alireza received a Master of Engineering from NTU in Singarpore and currently peruses a Phd degree in the domain of spatial data crowdfunding at University of Melbourne.

Alline Louise  |  Co-Founder/Head of Design

Information Designer and founder of The Infologist - Infographics specialists. Alline works with a wide range of startups as well as several large organisations and demonstrates proven ability to adapt to different environments. With strong problem solving skills and excellent working methods Alline’s main skill is to make information simple and easy to understand.

Benny-Chen |  Head of International Relations

Over 10 years of experience in software engineering. Received PhD degree in Geomatics from the University of Melbourne. Being a team player and a problem solver, he is enthusiastic about creative and challenging tasks and has contributed significantly to several startups in the past few years.


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